Put Down The Donut & Step Away From The Scale

Oh dear lord, I stepped on the scale this morning.


Why? Why? Why?

  • I’m not a big new year’s resolutioner.
  • I don’t make grand goals for the new year.
  • I don’t sign up for gym memberships and use them for January and February and then stop.

Why did I measure everything – every SAGGY thing this morning then?

Because –

  • I DO check my weight every week.
  • I DO do regularly scheduled measurements (monthly) to keep on track.
  • I DO love a good graph.

I have spreadsheets where I keep track of everything from weight to measurements to workouts to meal planning to to to to to….

The problem is that I haven’t done any measurements since last Spring. With Dad’s illness and death, my whole world was pretty well rocked and I got into a mode of “just getting by” and not really keeping up with my normal routine. It seemed that routine was a thing of the past. It seemed that every time I’d get my plan together, something new was coming up to get in the way of the plan. It’s been the story of my year.

Despite the fact that I’m not big on new years resolutions, I made some changes over the weekend.

  • I changed my profile picture on FB, which seems silly, but up until this weekend I couldn’t bring myself to take down the picture of me and my dad.
  • I put together my weekly meal plan.
  • I put together my January workout plan.

And I did my traditional start of the month measurements.

There is work to be done. Believe me, there is WORK to be done!

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