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Goofy Is As Goofy Does

I whole heartedly admit to being a little nutty sometimes. I get excited about dorky things. I live for oddities. I take pride in the goofy things in life.

With the running program that I’m doing through Garmin, I’ve struggled with what to do on Cross Training days. They recommend things like aerobics classes, yoga, pilates, biking, swimming. You know….normal cross training type activities.

I play volleyball two days a week, which I’ve kind of substituted for my cross training days, and even though it technically fits into the parameters of what one would consider to be “cross training” I feel like it’s more “play training” and not really a workout. I know that’s a flawed way of thinking because I’m out on a court jumping/lunging/moving instead of sitting in a recliner drinking wine, so…


It just doesn’t feel like enough for me.

Mark has been talking about getting a Y membership for quite some time. We play in Y volleyball leagues, so we’d get a discount on the price by being a member. Plus they have a pool. And bikes. And fitness classes. And it’s winter so who really wants to be outside?

We were going to get signed up in November, but then we both got sick and we were leaving town for Thanksgiving, and it just didn’t feel like we’d get enough use out of the facilities that would make it worth it to us.

So we went two days ago and signed up!!

I’m stupidly excited about it.

My volleyball nights are Tuesday and Wednesday, so today is the first day I get to take advantage of the facilities. A couple of years ago they built a new Y right by my house and it is NICE! The two existing ones are old and, dare I say, run down. So having a pretty, shiny, new facility in which to workout makes me happy. I have the class schedule pinned to my bookmark. I have classes incorporated into my December workout schedule. I’m going to a Body Pump class tonight. Hopefully, I have better results than I did with my Iron Strength DVD. Eep!

But the very best thing of all?


I’m happily, weirdly, comfortably wearing my WORKOUT CLOTHES as WORK CLOTHES.


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