Never Fails

It seems that the moment I make a plan something comes along to thwart it. It never fails, it just happens.

Last summer I put together my 10K training plan to prepare for my October race. The very week after I started that program we ended up having an impromptu reunion when my dad’s prognosis took a drastic turn for the worst. The set the ball rolling for a month of multiple trips per week back and forth between my house and theirs. I had to just take a deep breath and remember that there are more important things than my plans. I pushed back my training for four weeks to accommodate what my family needed.

I had a pretty good summer of workouts after my dad’s death and thought I had finally settled into a routine. And then along came Mack. His obedience training through a huge kink into my workout plan. He was (and continues to be) time consuming.

The same week I got Mack, we started on our deck. Talk about time consuming! I spent every night after work with a drill gun in my hand and no workouts happened.

The weekend after I got Mack and started on the deck a good friend of mine got married and I spent the weekend in Illinois.

If that’s not enough to interfere with a training plan, my son got married in the midst of dog training and deck building. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to get Mack with in impending wedding and deck build.

I managed maybe one run per week. Strength/cross training was non-existent. I figured the manual labor of the deck was good enough.

The weekend after my son’s wedding was my scheduled 10K. It was to be a girls weekend with my daughter and a couple of our mutual friends. Shenanigans were to be had! I didn’t feel as prepared for my race as I wanted to be, but knew that I could complete it and had planned on running it in intervals.

And then the plague from hell hit. I was so sick when I came home from work on that Friday night. My race was on Sunday. I thought I’d play it by ear and see how I felt Saturday. It was pretty obvious when I woke up Saturday morning that I wasn’t going to be in any shape to run a race, and there was no way that I was going to go to my daughter’s house and infect her and the other girls with the creeping crud. So I missed my race.

The sickness lasted a full week. Miserable! And frustrating.

With that race goal a complete bust, I did what I always do – look to the future and make a new plan.

I signed up for my normal spring race but felt so out of whack with the running that I wanted to get back to the basics. Instead of putting together my own plan, I went to Garmin and picked out one of their plans. A 16 week one that will get me through the winter. I tend to struggle to run during the cold weather so I need a little push. When I was laying out the plan I figured out how many miles would be a realistic goal to run during the winter. I came up with 120. That’s thirty miles per month, with the end of February being the end of my 16 week training plan. Ten miles per week seemed like a rational amount. I run three times per week – two interval runs and one long run – so ten miles a week should be doable.

Two weeks into the new plan and I was on par to meet my goal and then BAM! Out goes my back. I spent a week being pissed about it as I was heating and icing and stretching and trying to get it healed up. Then I was gone a week over the Thanksgiving holiday. Today was my last run of the month.


With all of the road blocks this past month, I ended up three miles short of my goal. I’m counting it as a win. I would have loved to have been 100% successful, but I’m really trying to learn to not beat myself up when I fall short. Tomorrow begins a new month. I have a race coming up in two weeks. I have a completely doable workout plan. I have no travel plans. Everything at home has settled down quite a bit. The deck is done!! This month will be better I expect to show you a “100%” goal at the end of December.

Barring any unforeseen difficulties!

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