Wobble Wobble

Can I tell you how stiff and sore I am?

PLEASE! Let me whine a moment!

You know how it seems like right after you finish a grueling workout your legs (or arms) feel like jello? Or spaghetti noodles? Or anything else that can’t firmly be nailed to a tree? And then. THEN. The next day you’re like, “Ooh. I’m a little bit stiff.”

Then comes day two. Holy Hell, Day Two! You’re a bitch!

Yesterday I was moderately stiff and sore after my very first Iron Strength workout. I knew I would be sore the night I did the workout when I had to walk down the stairs to let the dog out. My noodly legs yelled at me, “You’re gonna feel me in the morning!” And I did. All day at work I’d make little groany noises as I stood up from or sat down in my chair. Then, of course, there was last night’s run – not quite three miles – not quite a difficult pace. Everything worked. Well, as much as things work for me in the running world.

And then there was this morning.

If you’re watching me walk, let me assure you that I do not have something stuck up my ass. It’s just my body’s way of rebelling against tortuous workout routines.

By the time Sunday rolls around and I’ve got Iron Strength on my schedule again, my legs might have forgiven me. Maybe. We shall see. Until then, I’ll just enjoy my little wobble wobble!

2 thoughts on “Wobble Wobble

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