Soap Boxes On Top Of Soap Boxes

I have opinions.

Shocking, I know!

These opinions vary from spay/neuter, to organic preaching, to proper grammar/spelling, to breast feeding, to parenting, to family owned businesses, to creamer/chemicals in coffee vs drinking it straight up black. I do not lack for things that I feel strongly about.

I’ll just pick one today. Or, to clarify, one for this post since I’ve already ranted on a couple other things today already.

Breast feeding. I’m a proponent of breast feeding. I think there are so many benefits to it. I’m not going to bore you with the list of reasons why I think it’s a good idea. The reason I won’t get into all that is because as much as I think it’s a good thing, the bigger soap box here would be for the judgy mcjudgertons who want to look down on those who choose not to breast feed.

Check him out.


I have a brand new baby grandson. My daughter happens to be a person who does not want to breast feed. She didn’t breast feed Mara and look how grown up Mara is. She got that big without every having had a drop of breast milk. It must be a miracle because Melissa obviously did it wrong.

*insert huge eye-roll here*

As I was showing the pictures to an acquaintance, she said (and you can’t make this shit up), “Is Melissa feeding the baby?”

I looked right at her and said, “Of course, she’s feeding the baby, Silly!”

And then I walked away and let her stew in her own judgmental awkwardness.


2 thoughts on “Soap Boxes On Top Of Soap Boxes

  1. I haven’t got kids yet but I hear this debate a lot because I work in a hospital. I think your attitude is the perfect one to have – you support breast feeding but don’t judge those who choose note too! I have been a part of some conversations where people have gotten quite upset because people judge them for not breast feeding – but in actuality for some people it’s not that they don’t want to, but that they can’t, because it’s hurts too much, or for other medical reasons, and there is nothing worse than being made to feel bad about something which you have tried so hard to achieve but haven’t been able to – people have said that the judge-ness around breast feeding has made them feel like an inadequate mother, and no new mother should feel that way! So i’m really glad you have written this post, and hopefully it might help someone to think twice about how they react when they meet someone who isn’t breastfeeding 🙂

    • I feel like I can write about this stuff with perspective from both sides of the fence. I BF’d my first two mainly because it was the most cost-effective way to feed them, but it was extremely difficult. My last two I tried but barely made it six weeks with each. It was SO HARD. I had to deal with self righteous comments about why I would consider switching them to formula at such a young age. I never want to treat anyone the way I was treated because I know all too well that there are so many reasons why one might not BF.

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