Today is the big day!

Mack is seven months old, so he’s a full month past when I normally get my dogs fixed, so it is time. Plus, he’s been showing quite a bit of inclination to hump Luna’s brains out. Her literal brains, not her figurative brains. She’s still small enough to walk right under his chest, and the moment her nose hits his little weiner he just starts a-humpin’! He’s clearly not that smooth and doesn’t quite get how it’s supposed to work, but I have to protect poor Luna from a hormonal boy dog.

Woke up bright and early, just like we always do, but this morning he didn’t get to eat breakfast. He was OFFENDED! Little did he know when I put him out back without his breakfast that that was not to be the largest offense of the day.

I brought him upstairs when it was time to go. I said, “You wanna go for a ride in the truck?”

Mack was all “A ride in the truck???? YAY!  Best life ever!” He sat down so I could put the leash on him and we headed to the vehicle. He LOVES to go for rides.

Then we got to the farm and he’s all “Yay, New things to sniff!” He’s been out to the doctor’s farm a couple of times since I’ve had him and he really likes it out there.

Then we walked into the kennel room where he would be waiting for the procedure and he’s all “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the fuuuuck is going on!”

He’ll never be the same again.

Last weekend as an in-tact dog! Poor boy.

Last weekend as an in-tact dog! Poor boy.

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