Cross Train

More like Freight Train!

We cross train so that our muscles stay supple and are strengthened from all angles rather than having just one group of muscles being worked because we’re doing the same thing over and over. I guess I’ve spent too much time being single minded this summer because I have no lateral movement.

My volleyball season has started up for the Fall. FINALLY! Oh man, I miss playing during the summer when we have a month or so off. It fits pretty nicely into my cross training days. Tuesday night is my easy night. It’s more like girls’ night out. Social hour. We’re all older than dirt and like to get together and play. When we have early games, we will sometimes go out for drinks after our game. When we have late games, we will sometimes go out for drinks before. I realize this is counter productive to a workout plan, but I certainly don’t stress out about it. Moderation, y’all!

Wednesday night is my power night. A LOT more intense competition and team mates. It is not a night that is about fun and socializing. It’s about winning the damned T-shirts! Kind of like a freaking job! But I love it.

Tonight after my fun night (we won, yay), I was walking out the door with one of my team mates and we were laughing and talking when I stepped too close to the edge of the side walk and my roly poly ankles said, “Buh-bye, Bitch!” I didn’t fall, but oh dear lord, the crackling and popping that my ankle did as I caught my balance. I stood there for a minute waiting for that initial “OH MY GOD I THINK I’M GOING TO DIE” sensation to ebb and then hobbled to my car. Damned ankle!

I spent my evening after volleyball lying on the floor with my foot on the sofa on a bag of ice. I’m gonna feel it in the morning. Yikes!

The first thing that goes through my mind is Oh shit! I have volleyball tomorrow and a mud run on Saturday!! My first thought wasn’t about my normal workout schedule, just the fun part of my workout schedule. So….ice tonight. I’ll see how it’s feeling tomorrow. I may sit out of tomorrow night’s game because oddly enough, my run on Saturday takes a higher priority. Anyone who knows me knows how really weird that is for me to say! Volleyball was always my first priority. My, how times have changed.

This sucks. Fingers crossed this is just a minor setback. 😦

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