Nerd Alert

Proceed with caution. I’ve been doing MATH!

I’ve probably never mentioned my sheer hatred (read:fear) of math! I despise it. Don’t come walking towards me with a calculator because I will run screaming from the building!

On the flip side of that is my absolute love for all things health and fitness related.

What does one have to do with the other? Well, I’ve been reading about VO2 max. The rate at which your body processes oxygen. (VERY simplified explanation – it’s a bit more than that, but that’s the easiest way I could describe it.)

After reading up on it and all the reasons why I should pay attention to my VO2 max when I’m working out and what I should be doing to increase my VO2max and, and, and….I knew that I had to know what my own stats were.

This required math. Math with LETTERS!!! Seriously, who ever thought that the alphabet had any business being involved with math. It’s a sinister union.

The simple way to come up with your VO2 max is: 15.3 x (MHR/RHR). Maximum heart rate divided by resting heart rate. Easy peasy. Max heart rate is 208 – (.7 x age). For me, this puts my VO2 max at 43.758.

The difficult way (and I’m assuming a more accurate way) to come up with this is: (drum roll, please)

132.853 – (.0769 x weight) – (.3877 x age) + (6.315 x gender) – (3.2649 x time to complete a one mile walk in minutes) – (.1565 x heart rate for 10 seconds at the end of the one mile walk). Whew. Got it? Oh – gender means women enter a 0 and men enter a 1. Important little piece of the puzzle, I guess. For me, this puts my VO2 max at 48.5525.

To be fair, I took the difference between the two results, divided it in half, and added it to the lowest number. This gives me an average of 46.15525.

Who freaking cares, right?? What does it even mean? Why the hell do I even need this information?



I’ve been telling people that for years!! I finally have proof!

Now I need to go buy a heart rate strap because checking my pulse manually throughout my workouts is exhausting.

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