Back To Back

Something I swore I’d never do is run on back to back days. I’ve been babying my feet because of plantar fasciitis in the one, and it makes it more difficult to keep the healing process continuing in a positive manner if I run on consecutive days. My training plan doesn’t have running activities on back to back days, so it fits well with what I need to do for my body.

This week Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday were slated to be my run days. Monday was cross training (weight lifting), Wednesday was rest, Friday was cross train (long bike ride), Sunday was rest.

Then this happened:


What the hell is that, you ask, and what does it have to do with running? It’s a tripod! Shiny new tripod. Arrived on Monday.


I had my workout clothes on when the fun box was delivered. I had every intention of still doing my workout and playing with my new toy after I was done. But then…

Lightning struck!


There was lightning. So I grabbed my camera gear and headed out with my new tripod instead. This meant an adjustment to my schedule.

Hmmm. Monday ended up being a rest day because I lack focus when I get new toys. I decided to stick to my normal run day on Tuesday. But then… Friday night I’ll be heading off the grid so that interferes with my bike ride. So the new schedule was Monday-rest, Tuesday-run intervals, Wednesday-run at Z3, Thursday-Bike, Friday-rest, Saturday-run hills.

Two back to back run days. And they were like night and day. My intervals are usually my easiest runs because I get to walk for a minute in between each really grueling sprint. (two minute sprint/one minute walk x6). This was not the case.

Tuesday it was HOT. I’m not a horribly bad sweater. That job goes to one of my sisters and one of my brothers. They are gross, gross, gross sweaters when they workout. I have always teased them that they wish they were me and could run with a mere glisten. Then Tuesday happened. I had just finished my last run segment and was going to walk another lap (.66 miles) as a cool down. I took my shirt to wipe my face and it was dripping. DRIPPING! Gross, disgusting, dripping sweat! And I touched it with my hand. Blech. Right out loud I said, “Oh my god, I am disgusting!” I continued with my cool down lap and went to get into my car to drive home. And my car keys? Clipped to my bra strap. I had to reach into this nasty, gross, sweaty mess to unclip my keys to get into my car. I was involuntarily gagging. I’m not sure how it was that I sweat so freaking much! Hot and miserable.

Tuesday night it rained and brought in a cold front. Wednesday I happily put my workout clothes on and headed out into the cool 60 degree weather for my run. It was glorious! I felt good. Nothing hurt. I was breathing wonderfully. I had my best 5k time that I’ve had in a while. And I wasn’t all nasty and sweaty. Night and day experiences on back to back running days. I think I’ll start planning my workouts according to my weather app instead of my training program.

My feet are feeling the effects of not having a break between runs, but it’s not horrible. After last night’s run I feel confident for the first time that my upcoming 10k won’t kill me!

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