It’s been a LONG time since I’ve told a Melissa Story.

I got a phone call this afternoon and heard her cheery voice on the other end. We chit chatted about everything, as we always do whenever she calls. I could hear Hurricane Mara’s giggles and jabbering in the background, as I always can. It started off being a perfectly normal phone call.

And then….

Melissa:  So, Mom, I had to get coffee and when I got home and opened the bag it was NOT GROUND!!! So I put it into a ziplock bag and used my meat tenderizer mallet. The coffee was…. light brown and really watery.

Me: Don’t you have a blender?


Melissa: Yeh, that would have worked better.

We’re gonna blame the pregnancy brain.

wpid-fot4ad9-1.jpgIsn’t she the most adorable pregnant lady?????

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