Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Monday marks the official start of my 10K training! I’m both excited to dive into training, and nervous about it. I’ll just apologize in advance for the significant amount of whining that will be happening in the coming weeks.

Since the beginning of the month I’ve been trying to get back into the workout mindset. It’s amazing how easy it is to fall out of the habit of a normal workout schedule, and how difficult it is to get back into it. I’ve done….just…OK. My normal routine is three days straight, one day rest. Over the years, that is the regimen that has worked the best for me. I’ve tried everything. Workout Monday through Friday then rest on the weekend. Workout every other day. Workout two days and rest two. My best groove just seems to be working three and resting one. In trying to get back into the swing of things, I’ve done REALLY well for my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday workouts. Then I have my rest day (today happens to be my rest day). Then it’s Friday. And I just don’t want to put on my gym shoes! I’ll do it Saturday instead. That’s what I tell myself. Well, SUNDAY, for sure I’m going to get a workout in. And before I know it I’m doing a three days on four days of routine. This does NOT work for me.

I know this going to be a struggle, but that’s OK. I know I’ll miss workout days, and that’s OK, too. With everything going on in my life – the loss of Jake and my dad’s terminal illness – I’m putting “be gentle with myself” at a higher priority level than I ever have before. I’m finding that I’m getting better about paying attention to my own needs. I’m hoping that it will help me with my workouts when I officially begin my training.

Yesterday I had a tough workout, and it was awesome! I felt great. My legs felt strong. It was fantastic! Riding along the banks of the Mighty MO. Biking on the Katy Trail. Beautiful scenery.



I’m glad that biking is part of my 10K training because this place makes me happy!

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