If you know me at all, you know I have a propensity for planning things. Plan, plan, plan. Who was it that said that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail? I’m not sure who the props go to on that, but it’s totally true. I love creating my workout plans. I’ve got that part down pat! The part I don’t have down pat? Doing the workouts. It probably would help. I tend to be a solo-worker-outer and I think sometimes I shoot myself in the foot by doing that. It’s too easy to go, “Meh, not today!”

Well, because I’m concerned about my 10k in the Fall, I’m determined! Even if I have to do my runs on the treadmill due to the heat and humidity, I’ll do it! I can’t have another rough 10k like I did last year! If I have a rough 10k again I can totally see me convincing myself that I will never be able to run a half marathon. So… off to the races we go!


This is my July plan. It’s not easy. But it’s not overwhelming. After Monday’s workout I felt really good so I decided to go for a short run. My short run turned into nearly a 5k. Some of you real runners are going, “Isn’t a 5k a short run?” Well, hardy har har! NO. It is not! A short run for me is a mile and a half to two miles. You get me past two miles and I’m begging for mercy! When my daughter got married a couple of years ago, some of my crazy siblings were going to go for a run. They asked if I wanted to go. Swore they were just going on a short run – “only six miles.” Once they scraped me off the ground, I explained that I have to train for six months to be able to run six miles.


Sorry, I digress!

My plan. So… my July workout plan is challenging but not stifling. That’s my kind of plan.

I’ve looked all over for a 10k training guide and all the ones that I’ve seen just make me cringe. It seems like the people who make training plans assume that you’re already a great runner. This is not the case with me. I need something more on the Kindergarten level. When I got my Garmin Vivofit, I noticed that the web page has training plans. As I looked through the 10k trainer, it just made sense. It wasn’t straight four days a week running like a good portion of the plans were. It throws in bike rides and swimming. This makes me happy. I already do both of those things, so it makes sense to add it to a running program. The only downside to their plan is that they have “cross train” days. So I have to come up with my own cross training. Truthfully, it’ll probably always be the bike because that’s the most convenient thing for me. But if you’ve got fun cross training ideas, shoot them my direction. But DON’T say Crossfit!

I’ve done the first two days of my July schedule and I’m sore! I haven’t really done a good workout in two months. Between my dad’s illness, my granddaughter’s five week visit, and my family reunion, I just haven’t had the gumption to leave all that aside and go do my workout. So I’m SORE! It’s a good sore. If you don’t see me whining about being sore throughout the month, give me a swift kick to the ass, would ya!? I need to get back on track with my perfect training plan!

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