I’ve played sports my entire life. I’ve always been naturally athletic. I’ve also been the king of Trash Talkers. That’s so much a part of the sporting world. As I’ve aged (and mellowed) I’ve discovered that I don’t care for that aspect of the sport. I prefer encouragement. I prefer being supportive and helping others succeed in their athletic pursuits.

Even though I’ve been running for three years now, I still feel like a newbie. I’m not very good at it. I lack confidence in it. I doubt my abilities to succeed at it. All these feelings that I don’t recall ever experiencing in the real sports world overwhelm me at times when it comes to running.

When I completed my first 5k (something I never thought I’d be able to do) I decided to try a 10k. I completed it but it was hard. HARD! I watch my daughter run her 10ks, half marathons, marathons and I’m in awe that anyone can run that far. I’ve told myself I will never do a half marathon because that’s an insane distance to run. As I train for my upcoming 10k I am reminded that a half marathon is something so far out of my grasp.

But then…..I found out that there’s a national parks half marathon series. Some of my favorite places in the world, the national parks!!! Trying to do a race there suddenly makes sense. Odd. I mentioned to my sister that if I was to ever try to do a half it would need to be in a national park.

She texted me last night to ask how serious I was about it, and if I was, what time frame would I be looking at. As we texted back and forth I expressed my doubt in my ability to do it. As with the whole running community, she was nothing but positive and encouraging.


She made me feel like maybe I actually can. Maybe this isn’t beyond the scope of my capabilities. Maybe I want to start visiting the national parks in this way. Maybe I need to start training for a half marathon.

Crazy, right?