Have I Got A Deal For You

I knew this weekend was going to be tough. My first weekend without Jake. I knew that I couldn’t stay at home. I knew that I couldn’t go down to my parents. Watching my dad slipping away is just something that I could not face. So we kept our weekend to as close to what a normal weekend would be if all our circumstances were normal. We headed off the grid.

We recently bought a new place off the grid. I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned that here before because I’ve been pretty sporadic about writing. But we did. The land on this new place is beautiful. It’s on the lake. We own most of the culdesac so there is a ton of privacy. The buildings are OLD and need a lot of work, but for the location and land, it is the best property in the whole – what do we call it…resort?

As beautiful as the property is, it is very overgrown. The people who sold it to us hadn’t spent much time out there in a while and it really shows. Mark and I are both very good at looking at property and seeing what it could be. We can envision the place without the undergrowth. We can see what it would be like with a playground for the grand kids. We can picture hours spent around the fire pit, laughing and drinking with our friends. We can see it filled with our family. And laughter. And happiness. And companionship. We can see all those things regardless of the overabundance of hideous yard ornaments the previous owners left behind. We can see it through all the overgrown gardens. We can see it through all the dead and rotting trees that have to be taken down. One day it is going to be breath-taking.

Today is not that day! This weekend was to be therapy for both of us. Hard, physical labor. No time to think about our empty house. No energy left for tears. Just steps towards making our vision for this property a reality.

We started Saturday morning at 9:00am and dragged our aching bodies into the camper at 6:00pm. It is overwhelming, the amount of work that needs to be done. As I was pushing my body far past what I should have pushed, I said, “I need to put out an ad for assistance.” I think if I were to put out an ad it would probably go something like this:

Getting ready to plan your summer vacation? Have I got a deal for you!

Join us for a fun filled week. I’ll feed you. I’ll hydrate you. I’ll take you out on the 4wheelers to play in the mud. I’ll take you swimming in the lake. Not only that, but you’ll get an authentic red-neck experience including, but not limited to power-washing decks, clearing out weeds from patio pavers, pulling up bushes, painting window trim, burning brush.



Lugging out weird, enormous rock formations to create beautiful outdoor landscapes.



And if you play your cards right, you might be able to wield a chainsaw.



If you’re bothered by spiders and snakes, this is not the trip for you.

For more information, call OFF-THE-GRID.

Yeh, it’d probably go something like that. I need younger backs than mine to do some heavy lifting!

It was a good weekend. No major melt-downs, which I consider a success. Got a lot of work done. Hung out with some good friends. Best part, though, is at the end of the day, this is where I hang out.


And this is my view.



Soon to be a more clear view of the lake.




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