Maybe A Little Bit

I went home briefly for lunch today. This has become a habit since my granddaughter is here. On the off chance that it won’t be her nap time, I dash home for a quick bite.

Today I had a little bit different goal in mind. My owwwwy from Memorial Day weekend has become infected. Whee. So I’ve had to take drastic steps to get it to heal – I made an appointment with a doctor! Boo. I hate going to the doctor, but do know where my limits are.

When I got back to work Mark was in the upper parking lot getting ready to head out on a service call (he works upstairs from me). I walked up to show him my gross leg (I’ll spare you all the pictures at this point – you’re welcome) and told him I made an appointment with a doctor. A new doctor, no less, since my doctor for the last almost 20 years retired. Rude.

After I showed him my leg he shook his head. I sighed, chuckled, and said, “It’s not funny anymore.”

He responded, “Maybe a little bit funny.”

Maybe a little bit.


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