Posting from my phone. Not as easy add you might think.

I’m up this morning off the grid. We’ve had company all weekend. This early in the morning, as the only non hung over person, I have a lot of silence.

I’d been puttering around getting things done in my solitude until the rain came and there’s nothing that I can do without waking people up so I sit here listening to the rain.

I was telling Melissa and Michelle yesterday how grateful I was that she always volunteered to help me with things. We were preparing for dinner and they were the only two to come lend a hand. It’s such a stark difference to the way other kids their age are.

This isn’t a first. I’ve noticed at other occasions that my kids jump up to help whenever they see a need. I’m very proud of them for being that way. I’d like to think I had a hand in that.

I’m very grateful for my kids and the wonderful adults that they have become. They bring a joy into my life that is beyond words. I’m lucky to have them.

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