They Say It’s Your Birthday

Twelve years ago!

My, how the time flies.


I brought my little boy home expecting to fully enjoy the next 7 – 9 years with him, per his breed life expectancy. Imagine my surprise when we passed 7 years. Then 8. Then 9. Every year I kept thinking “This is probably going to be my last year with Jake.” Every year he proves me wrong.

I see the signs of aging in him. His muzzle is getting greyer. Throughout his coat I can see grey hairs. His hips are not what they used to be. He struggles to get up when he’s been lying down for awhile. Hell, he struggles to get up when he’s been lying down for just a moment. He has some pretty big tumors and I know that he will succumb to the cancer before too long. I know there are things that I could do to fight the cancer and maybe prolong his life, but after watching what chemo has done to my dad, there is no way I can put Jake through that. He would never understand that I was trying to help him. Jake will stay with me as long as he is happy and having good quality of life.

When he starts really struggling with the simple things, I will say goodbye to him, knowing that I have given him a great life. The best life!

My friend asked me what I was getting him for his birthday. Well, I don’t give him that good a life! I don’t do presents for dogs. But what he will get is extra momma time when I get home from work. He’ll get to snuggle with me on the couch! He’ll get an extra treat. He’ll get a kiss on the bridge of his nose. The real present goes to me because I get him!

Happy birthday to my big boy.

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