My First Thought

Check out this little beauty. She's been here for a few weeks and will be here until mid-June. It's been so fun having her around. Her sweet little voice as she babbles about nothing. She only says comprehendable words here and there. Mostly it's just jibberish. But, boy-howdy, is it cute jibberish! We were sitting … Continue reading My First Thought

Was It Worth It

So we have this camping chair at our place off the grid. It is the most fabulous chair ever invented. It's got a wide base for mine and Mark's wide base. The arms are INSULATED! You unzip it, fill it with ice, zip it up, put your drink in the cup holder and your drink … Continue reading Was It Worth It


Dear Dan, Today it's been a year since you left us. In some ways it seems like it was just yesterday. In other ways it feels like you've been gone a lifetime. I've lost people in my life before, but your death has by far been the most difficult. I know I'm not the only … Continue reading Naturally