We Have A Winner

For YEARS I have been pestering (read: nagging) Mark to be more proactive with his health. He has expected me to pretty much spoon feed him and hasn’t really taken responsibility for his own level of fitness. I’ve pretty much been the whip-cracker with healthy food, encouraging him to get a workout in, giving up my own workouts so I could go walk with him. It’s been a years long battle trying to convince him that he is the only one who can really have control over his body – what he puts in it, the amount of activity it gets, and overall health and fitness.

Remember a couple months ago when I got this?

Mark has been watching me look at my sleep patterns and step counts. He finally goes, “I want one of those.” So he went on eBay and found one for just the right price (as he does) and ordered it for himself. When it arrived I got it all set up for him (synced with computer and cell phone) he began paying attention to it.

The other night he announced that he really likes it. There is something about seeing a visual that has spurred him into activity. On the nights when he’s short on his steps he’ll go, “Come on, Zigs! I gotta get my steps.” He’ll put the leash on her and head out the door until he’s met his daily goal. Truthfully, I’ve been dumbfounded. I didn’t ever think that there would be a day when he recognized that he needed to get a workout in and just do it!

The fact that he’s now on the leader board for number of steps each week has nothing to do with it, I’m sure!


Whatever works! I’m just happy that he’s FINALLY taken control of his own activity level.

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