No Fear


My Mara is a water baby. She loves the water. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bathtub, a puddle of water left over from a typical Hawaiian afternoon rainstorm, a quiet cove surrounded by a protective barrier reef, or an angry ocean. She wants it. She doesn’t care if there is a hand to hold or not. She will head to the water like it’s her sole purpose in life. She has no fear of it. She isn’t old enough to know the dangers that the water holds. Her determination to be in the water confirms in my brain that she is definitely descended from me.


I hope that as she grows, she looks forward with great anticipation of what’s to come. I hope that she dives in headfirst and experiences life to its fullest. I hope that she grows up with a yearning for adventure and a love of life. I hope she takes it all in and doesn’t ever let anyone tell her she can’t. Or that she’s not good enough. Or that she’ll never amount to anything. Or that she can’t get exactly what she wants out of life. I hope she goes through life fearless. Like she is now.

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