Feed The Birds


You know how you see pictures on Instagram (name denotes it’s happening now) and they’re hash-tagged “latergram?” Yeh…that’s kind of where I am. I was on vacation and totally engrossed in my very adorable granddaughter. And maybe partially engrossed in warm weather, blue water, and sandy beaches.

We spent our last full day on the island just cruising around to check out some of the beaches, the Dole plantation, and coastal scenery. We ate lunch at Dole (paid ridiculous prices for lunch, but…when in Rome, ya know) and there are just critters everywhere. From stray cats to feral chickens, to peacocks, to wild birds of every kind, we had company while we ate.

Mara was enamored with the peacock that was strutting around the grounds. It seemed quite taken with Mara, too. It’s like they know where their best option for getting food is going to be. Mara kept holding out her hand offering up french fries to the large bird. He never would get close enough to take the fry out of her hand. However, as Mara chatted and jabbered at Grandpa, she held her grilled cheese sandwich in her hand, not paying a lick of attention to where her hand was dangling. Before any of us knew what happened, the peacock reached over and yanked the grilled cheese sandwich right out of her hand.  Feeling the yummy food leave her wee little hand, she quickly turned to see what was going on. There sat the peacock with grilled cheese bread hanging out of his mouth.

Mara. Lost. Her. Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was all that we adults could do to maintain our composure and not burst out laughing at the traumatized child! She’s like a cat…will only give of herself when it is HER idea. Obviously, the peacock didn’t get that memo. The squalling frightened the bird off.  For a moment.


Mara kept very close track of her food after that.

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