Clean Hands – Pure Heart

Content warning - emotional weekend - proceed at your own risk. When did sleep patterns become indicative of emotional strain? I chuckled when I synched my garmin this morning after waking. This is what it looked like: This is pretty much exactly how my emotions were this weekend. It was definitely a roller coaster. The … Continue reading Clean Hands – Pure Heart

Conversations Around The Oven

Earlier today: Him: We're out of the bread you made last weekend. Me: Do I need to make more bread tonight? Him: Of course. (pause) I'm kidding, you don't need to make bread. Me: There's half a loaf of store bought bread in the bread box. Him: I'm not eating that shit!!! Me: You're so … Continue reading Conversations Around The Oven

No Fear

#LaterGram My Mara is a water baby. She loves the water. It doesn't matter if it's a bathtub, a puddle of water left over from a typical Hawaiian afternoon rainstorm, a quiet cove surrounded by a protective barrier reef, or an angry ocean. She wants it. She doesn't care if there is a hand to … Continue reading No Fear

Tree Of Life

#LaterGram There were some of the coolest trees on the island. Some of them I knew the names of. Others I didn't. When I saw this one I asked my son in law what type of tree it was. He goes, "It's a Hawaiian tree!" Well, that's helpful. Thank you.

Feed The Birds

#LaterGram You know how you see pictures on Instagram (name denotes it's happening now) and they're hash-tagged "latergram?" Yeh...that's kind of where I am. I was on vacation and totally engrossed in my very adorable granddaughter. And maybe partially engrossed in warm weather, blue water, and sandy beaches. We spent our last full day on … Continue reading Feed The Birds