My Sister, My Inspiration

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my older sister before. We’re two years apart and over the decades have become very good friends. Her life has not been easy. At all. But that story is not for me to tell. Suffice it to say that the hardships took a toll on her body.

Over the last two months some of my family and friends have participated in a wellness challenge. With my competitive family, any kind of competition is ultra motivating. For me? Well, I lost nine pounds over the last two months. That is something that I haven’t been able to accomplish for eons. I was smart about it. I didn’t do any bullshit fad diets. Just participated in a challenge, a competition to make healthier food choices, do better workouts, drink more water. Competition. Ah, it’s a great motivator. For me.

A few weeks ago I was at my sister’s house visiting with her and my dad and another sister who was there. My older sister said, “Do you want to know what motivates me?” My youngest sister and I jumped at the chance to know. She showed us this link. Shi Shi Beach on the Oregon coast. It’s beautiful. But how would that motivate anyone? Well, the only way to get there is via hiking down to it. I don’t remember exactly how far you hike, but it runs in my brain that it’s four miles each way. As she showed us pictures she had found on line I could feel myself tearing up. It’s a magnificent goal for her. It’s a LONG way for her to walk. She’s got arthritis in her knees and ankles and being on her feet for long periods of time is difficult for her. For so many years she has just lived with it. But now she is motivated. She found some place that she really wants to visit and will do anything to get there.

It doesn’t end there. I posted a link to a race I had just registered for. The race is next Fall and the next thing I know, my sister is commenting on it saying how she’d love to try a 5k some day. I was floored. It’s one thing to work towards visiting Shi Shi Beach, but to think a 5k would be a good idea? I was stunned. So now she’s thinking about some fun runs (or walks). Incredible!

I’m so proud of her for taking charge and working so hard. I can’t wait until I get to walk with her when she completes her first 5k. There will be major celebrating! She is an amazing example of overcoming trials.


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