My Inner Geek

I like to think that I’m a pretty cool chick. It’s true! I’ve always been pretty cool.


I’m also a bit of a geeky nerd. There is nothing wrong with being a geeky nerd.

One of the things that makes me as nerdy as all hell is reports. I love reports! I love tracking things. I do NOT know where this propensity comes from, but it is strong in me. One of my responsibilities at work is running and analyzing reports and it’s right up my alley! As a matter of fact, I’m supposed to be looking at a few reports right now, but I’m writing instead. Oopsie!

In my personal life I track…. everything. Back in the days before my hysterectomy I tracked my lady issues like it was my job. I had a graph for light days, heavy days, medium days. AND…cramps. I never got cramps as a kid so when my lady bits all started falling out the cramps were something new, therefore in need of tracking. I’ve tracked my workouts for I don’t even know how many years. I wore a step counter for years – back in the day when it clickety click clicked based on the movement of your hips. And naturally, every days’ counts would be put into a spreadsheet to be properly graphed. Recently (in the past two years) I’ve tracked my food intake.

Some might consider it an illness. I consider it a big part of my awesomeness!

And now?

Now I have a new toy! It takes tracking to a whole new level!! And I. AM. STOKED!


My new Garmin! I’ve been looking at fitness trackers for awhile and compared the main four – Garmin, Fitbit, Nike, and Jawbone. I chose the Garmin for a number of reasons – water resistance, battery operated versus having to charge it frequently, gps, to name a few.

It tracks my sleep. I don’t know why this makes me so happy. But there is a graph that shows how I slept last night.


And it asked me how I felt when I woke up! Nobody ever asks me how I feel when I wake up. It’s like it CARES! I’m not a morning person. I always feel, eh meh, when I wake up. That tall spike before I got out of bed? That was 4:51 this morning. I do not know why, but I wake up about 5 every morning and go “Quick, go back to sleep and you can get an extra hour and a half!!” And then I sleep fitfully until my alarm goes off. Why I don’t just get up at 5 and get my workout in first thing in the morning I’ll never know!


YOU GUYS!! It syncs with My Fitness Pal!!!!!! I did not realize this when I was doing my research. It was a happy surprise when I was setting up my computer last night. I was just playing around with my phone to try and figure out how to sync the information with my phone, then I went onto the computer to look at the data.


And there it is!! MyFitnessPal information about the food I’ve already eaten today, AND the activity I’ve had this morning. Right there in MFP’s exercise tab – it shows the sync from my Garmin. I know because I immediately when to MFP to see what it looked like from that end!

When I set up my GarminConnect account it asked for my weight. My official weigh in day is Saturday morning, but I put down what my weight was yesterday morning. Yeh….it populated it over to MFP.


Just like that! Populated it into MFP without me having to think about a thing!

I’m so excited to get home and do my workout. It’s not a run day so I’ll be doing weight circuits and I’m really curious as to how it’s going to track that activity.

Oh. Gotta go!! I have a red line all the way across my Garmin! That means I’ve been sedentary for an hour! Time to MOVE!!!!


Catch ya on the flip flop!


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