Release The Hounds

It’s been interesting incorporating a new dog into the household. Especially an adult dog who already has an established routine. Aside from the cats REALLY disliking Ziggy, everything has been smooth sailing. There are some unique quirks with the two old dogs.

When Ellie was alive and Jake was younger I had to separate them during dinner time. Jake would inhale his food, scooch Ellie out of the way, then inhale her food. Ellie was a dawdler when she ate so I had to ensure that she got enough to eat. I’ve never seen a dog eat faster than Jake.

Until now.

If there is food in the vicinity, you’re guaranteed to see both dogs just like this….watching…waiting for you to drop something.


Holy cow, is Ziggy ever a food hound. She loves her food. LOVES her food! Jake still inhales his food, but he gets twice as much as Ziggy so it makes it seem like she doesn’t even chew. Not only does she eat fast, but when she is done, she scooches Jake out of the way and starts in on his food. Karma’s a bitch, Jake!! Jake is so laid back that he just moves out of her way and lets her eat his food. He stares at me with his big eyes, pleading with me to help. So I hang out with the dogs while they eat so that I can shoo Ziggy out of the way while Jake finishes eating.

Aside from their love of food and old dog hip issues, Jake and Ziggy have something else in common. They are both skittish as hell. Jake has always been a little bit on the jumpy side. Sudden motion. Loud noises. Yoga balls. Laundry baskets. They have always made him a little nervous. Ziggy has the same propensity to startle easily. I’m not sure if she’s always like this, or if it’s just the new surroundings that have made her this way, but the two of them crack me up the way they jump at every little thing.

Last night we were lounging around in the TV room. This is what the dogs normally look like in the evening:


Last night Ziggy’s nose was practically touching Jake’s back foot. Jake must have had one of those weird running dreams because his back feet started pedaling. One of his feet got pretty close to Ziggy’s face and she jumped. She nipped at his foot and he came immediately up off the floor, which in turn startled her and she came up off the floor. They’re both standing there staring at each other like they have no clue what just happened. I was sitting on my recliner laughing my ass off. Poor dogs. It must suck to be so jumpy.

Another thing they have in common is their love for rides in the car! If I so much as touch the leash they are both prancing in front of me. Run to the door. Run back to me. Run back to the door. I clearly don’t move quickly enough when it comes to getting them outside. Even if we’re just going out for a potty break, they both immediately head to the car. It must be such a disappointment to find out we’re “just going pee.”

Ziggy walks so nicely on her leash! It’s awesome. Jake is a great leash walker, too, so it’s easy to take them out to the lake. Ellie was a puller. She just HAD to see everything first and would pull at her leash throughout the full walk. Not Ziggy. Ziggy walks like a nice little lady should.


Even when it’s super cold out, they both want to be at the lake. What I wouldn’t give for a nice undercoat sometimes! Ziggy is more interested in chasing the geese than Jake is, but I think it’s because she moves better. Jake just wants to saunter along the path, but the geese intrigue Ziggy. I’m sure if they got too close to her she’d have a different opinion of them.

Ziggy is a bit of an attention whore. She LOVES people! Jake LOVES me. He doesn’t so much love people. They’re both so happy to see me when I get home from work and Ziggy has taken to snarling at Jake if he gets to me first. I do a quick, “Ziggy, NO!” because I can’t have her thinking it’s OK to snarl at him. Mark goes, “Ruh roh, Ziggy, you’d better not mess with her baby.” Mark thinks I might be a little over the top protective of Jake. Hmm. My challenge is to make sure they both get immediate attention when I get home without Jake getting snarled at and ankle-nipped. Jake’s very laid back about the whole thing, for which I’m grateful.

Overall, we’ve had a very easy adjustment to having a new dog in the house. I know Ziggy’s momma (and the rest of her family) miss her. And I can tell that Ziggy misses them. Until they are able to be reunited, I hope her momma knows that she’s getting lots of love and attention.

I’ll leave you with this video. Absolute proof of Ziggy’s love for food. 😉 She’s a cutie!


4 thoughts on “Release The Hounds”

  1. I’m glad that she’s settling in as well as she is, and I am absolutely so thankful for you guys taking her in while we’re in this transition. It’s nice to see these updates about her, too!

  2. AHAHAHA The jumping is hilarious!! I’m sure Liz is thrilled to see how happy Ziggy is with you guys. You’re such a special friend for taking her in until she can make the move.

    1. She would do the same for me if the situations were reversed.

      And yes…the jumping is hilarious. Yesterday she stopped jumping long enough to put her paws on the counter. I’m afraid she may figure out that if she calmed down for a minute she would totally be able to pull the dog food bowl off the counter. 🙂

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