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Windows Of Time

  • wpid-screenshot_2015-01-08-11-37-13-1-1.pngAll in due time.
  • At the 11th hour.
  • At the last minute.
  • In the nick of time.
  • Long row to hoe.
  • Marking time.
  • Spinning your wheels.
  • A stitch in time saves nine.
  • No time like the present.
  • Time after time.
  • Time and again.
  • Time heals all wounds.
  • Time on your hands.
  • Times, they are a-changin’.
  • Time flies when you’re having fun.

Time is a funny thing. The number of clichés related to time are staggering. Back in my past life my BFF, Care Bear, and I would mock her then-husband because his favorite phrase was, “There just aren’t enough windows of time to (fill in the blank).” The point behind him always saying it was that he was so important, and had so many important things to do, and nobody on earth was as busy as he was, and everybody needed his attention because he was so freaking awesome. (Read: narcissistic) That phrase has been a running joke between us for decades. Literally. DECADES!

As we talk on the phone these days, we jokingly say, “There just aren’t enough windows of time to (fill in the blank).” And then we laugh. And then we say, “There really aren’t.”

  • How do you manage your windows of time?
  • How do you get everything done in a day that need to be done?
  • How do you work full time and keep up with the housework?
  • How do you work full time and find time to get a good workout in?
  • How do you work full time and make sure that your family gets sufficient attention from you?
  • How do you work full time and properly take care of your pets?
  • How the hell do you manage all these things, when there are only small windows of time after finishing up a full day (or night) at work?

You are reading this in the hopes that I’m going to have all the answers for you, right? Well, I’m about to seriously dash your hopes!

My priorities may or may not be messed up, but they’re mine. And I’ll do with them as a please. I will admit that my house is at the bottom of my list of priorities. I do my damnedest to keep the main living areas looking presentable and that’s about the extent of it. Working out is at the higher end of my list of priorities. I try very hard to get in five days each week. I have to. If I don’t stay healthy, everything else that requires my windows of time will fall apart. So I put my health at the very top of my list of things that must be done. Come Hell or high water. I’ve learned some tricks to get this done over the years.

Take today for example. My soon-to-be daughter has an appointment to go wedding dress shopping right after work. Right after work is when I normally do my workout. My pets get my attention in the morning, so that is not an optimal time for me to workout. So I have to make adjustments to my plan. Pesky family priorities!

So what do I do when I will be driving home from work, grabbing my camera, letting the dogs out to pee, and heading directly back out the door to go dress shopping?

Throughout my day at work, each time I go use the little girl’s room (as soon as I’m done with my business) I do three sets of – somethings. What? You don’t know what a “something” is? A “something” is anything. Ten squats. Ten pushups (against the counter, not on the floor because…EW). Ten tricep dips. I can do this because I work in a place that has a private bathroom, not a large one with multiple stalls. I don’t think my plan would work in the “multiple stalls” environment. So far today, I have done two sets of ten squats/pushups/tricep dips (one more set when I go to lunch for a total of three sets). This afternoon will be knee to elbow twists (ten on each side) and forward pikes (ten on each leg). Based on my old lady bladder, I expect to get three sets of those in by the end of my work day. To do ten sets of three “somethings” takes five minutes or less, so I’m not in the bathroom for a weird amount of time.

This is not an optimal way to workout, obviously. But when my windows of time start closing, it is what works for me. Even though all the exercises aren’t done back to back like I normally do my circuits, it works out to roughly 20 minutes of workout time (+/-). When I get home tonight I will be able to easily take between 10 and 25 minutes to walk on the treadmill or do some yoga to unwind.

Do you have any tricks of the trade that you implement to help you keep up with all those things that require your attention? How do you manage your windows of time?




5 thoughts on “Windows Of Time”

  1. Your post JUST came through on my feed reader. If I’d have seen it, I probably would not have posted. Oh well, great minds – huh?

    By the way, I just got in 10 squats and 10 wall pushups, courtesy of this post. 😀

  2. Thanks for this. Good ideas, sneaky time management tricks, and perhaps a wee bit of “if she can do it, so can I!” motivation thrown in for good measure. I LIKE IT!

    1. Always happy to help. I laughed when I saw your Facebook comment because I Had just posted this not too long before. I almost linked to it but I tend to keep my blog off FB. 😀

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