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Queen Of Sangria

You may kiss my ring.

I have received quite a few requests for a sangria recipe over the past couple of weeks. Something about the holidays needing really good booze. *shrug*

Since I am the Sangria Queen, I thought I’d just pop everything you ever wanted to know about Sangria, but were afraid to ask right here!

I never make less than a gallon when I make it. Here is the basic rule of thumb:

For each gallon:

1 bag frozen fruit (or you can use a couple cups of fresh)


I use Dole but you can use whatever you’d like.

2 bottles of dry or semi dry wine (red if you’re using dark fruit, white if you’re using light fruit)


I use anything from pinot grigio to merlot. You can buy the cheapest wine on the face of the earth (and I do).

1 cup triple sec, Cointreau, or orange liquor of some sort. I use Cointreau if it’s for family (that shit’s expensive), and triple sec if it’s for multitudes of people.

½ cup agave nectar (or you can make your own simple syrup – two parts sugar/one part water, boil for three minutes, let cool)

Pour it all into a gallon pitcher and top off with juice (to match the type fruit, obviously) to make a full gallon. Let it sit for at least a day so that all the fruit can infuse with the wine. I probably wouldn’t make it more than three days ahead of time.

Some of my favorite combinations have been:

Red wine/cranberries/orange slices/cinnamon sticks/cranberry juice.

White wine/peaches/white grape juice.

Red wine/mixed berries/blueberry acai berry juice.

Red wine/dark cherries/pomegranate juice.

White wine/apples/cinnamon sticks/apple juice.

I’ve made others that have been good, but those have been my favorites so far. I’m doing white wine/pineapple/white grape juice for Christmas and I can hardly wait.

Happy holidays!


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