Faith Versus Logic

How do you reconcile faith with logic?

This has been the battle in my family since the dawn of time. I know I’ve talked about my parents’ faith before. At times it has been a source of frustration for me. At times it has been a comfort for me.  With this newest trial in life (Dad’s cancer), it has been a comfort. I know that because of Mom’s faith, she isn’t afraid of him dying. This gives her great comfort, and in turn gives me comfort that she isn’t distraught over what is coming.

My brother and I had a conversation while we sat in the waiting room about this. Both of us are very pragmatic about life and death. Death is a part of life. We will all die at some point. We both know that Dad has lived a very good life and has had a lot of joy along the way. In some odd way, this gives us comfort as we head into this new phase of life. The phase where we prepare to say goodbye to a parent. My brother chuckled during our conversation and said that he’ll let me know how his pragmatism holds out when the time gets closer. Neither of us has ever really lost someone super close to us like this, so yeh…we’ll see how it holds out. For now, it helps us.

The part of my frustration with faith is that for his whole life, Dad has insisted that one MUST go to church. It’s like this is how you buy your way into heaven. If you don’t go to church, what? You’re doomed to eternal damnation? As my sister and I were messaging back and forth yesterday morning I asked her how Dad was feeling. She said she’s been trying to get a glimpse of him, but he’s on the other side of the chapel. I said, “Chapel? HE’S AT CHURCH????” I made jokes about sitting around in the petri dish while we were at the hospital, but at least there are measures there to avoid infection. But holy shit, the cesspool that a church can be! People being there because, like my parents, they gotta get into heaven so they can’t miss. With everything that goes around this time of year all I can think about is Dad’s weakened immune system and all those people that go to church with all sorts of creeping crud because GOD FORBID WE MISS CHURCH!

This is a battle that I will lose should I take it up with my parents and strongly recommend that they don’t go places where there are large crowds of people. I totally understand the stir-crazy that has got to be settling in with him, but there has to be someplace where they can go to get Dad out of the house, but keep him from becoming infected with something by some careless person.

In my mind (and we know that I’m always right), in this instance LOGIC needs to win.

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