A friend of mine asked me the other day if I was more like my mother or my father. I got to thinking about it and I’m pretty much a solid mix of both of them.

From Mom:

  • I get my sense of humor.
  • My looks. Pretty much if it’s a physical trait, it is Mom’s (my hair-except the grey…that’s all Dad’s fault, my voice, my body structure).
  • My compassion.
  • My stubbornness.
  • My hot head.

From Dad:

  • My straightforwardness.
  • My confidence.
  • My stubbornness. Oh yes, I’ve got a double dose of that. God help us all!
  • My “I can do it myself and don’t need anyone to take care of me” nature. Come to think of it, Mom’s that way, too. Dude…I’m screwed!
  • My eyes. For all my physical traits that are Mom’s, my dad and I have identical eyes. Although, his are a lot more yellow at the moment.

My dad has just been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few days at the hospital with him, my mom, and my sister. There have been a lot of tears and a lot of laughter. Dad takes my good-natured ribbing like a champ. Mom relies on my good-natured ribbing for stress relief. There have been a lot of stories told. A lot of reminiscing. A lot of family.

Two of my brothers flew in from Arizona. As we added “just one more chair” to the room, my one brother finally asked if we couldn’t just have some bleachers installed. The hospital staff has no clue what to do with us.

I may or may not talk about this more. It’s a new world that I’m entering. A world where I will have to say goodbye to my father. And I’m not sure how much of that I will be able to share. But at least I know that long after he’s gone, a part of him will live in me because I am very much my father’s daughter.


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