Health and Fitness, Running

Hills On Granny’s Chest

Oh. My. God! Hills are hard!! Not the hills on Granny’s chest…they’re more “bread dough” consistency. But running hills! Hard! It didn’t feel hard last night when I was doing my workout. But this morning? I can barely move! I have muscles that are sore that I don’t think should be sore based on my workout. There is not a square inch on my body that isn’t going, “What were you thinking?”

And….Hello, charlie horse. I got in bed last night and suddenly the arches in both my feet rebelled. They were yelling at me about not having a baked potato with dinner or something. So I know there are a couple things I need to tweak post-run. Lesson learned.

Volleyball night tonight. Hallelujah! Something I’m good at!


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