Herd Mentality

I have a special needs daughter who is very susceptible to illness.

I have three young grandchildren who haven’t built up a good, strong immune system yet.

I have aging parents whose immune systems are not as strong as when they were younger.

I have a friend who has been in a wheel chair for most of his life because he got polio when he was younger and it has taken a serious toll on his body.

We had a discussion about flu shots at work the other day. Most of the people that I work with do NOT get their annual flu shot.

“It’s a waste of time.” “It gave me the flu once.” “I never get sick.” 

You know…all the excuses that one hears when flu shots are being discussed.

DUDE – get a flu shot!!!! Vaccines are there to keep all of us safe from disease.


Think about all the people who have died from horrible diseases that no longer exist, or are at least very rare because of vaccines.

I get a little stabby when the anti-vax people open their mouths.

For the good of everybody….GET YOUR FLU SHOT!

4 thoughts on “Herd Mentality

  1. I gotta say I disagree with you on this. I give my kids all the regular vaccine shots – but I just don’t believe the flu shot is worth it. It doesn’t make me an anti-vaxxer to make an informed, educated decision about this one. There are so many strains of the flu, and to me, the negatives don’t outweigh the possible benefits of that one.

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