syringe-clipart-LcKz4KpcaI had to run to the store (which happens to be where my pharmacy is) to pick up rolls for dinner. I figured that while I was there I’d go ahead and get my flu shot. There was no line so it seemed like a good time. Also, I get 20 cents a gallon off my next gas purchase with my fuel saver card…part of their promotion to entice folks to immunize! Good deal. Free shot (thanks, ACA), plus about four bucks off my next tank of gas. Can’t argue with that!

I sat down, rolled up my sleeve and the pharmacist pushed the needle into my arm. When he pushed the syringe to release the vaccine into my arm, it all squirted out around rubber seal next to the needle.

Me:  So, am I supposed to lick that off my arm?

Him: *CHORTLE, chuckle* followed by *SNORT*

Me: Oh, so I snort it, like my dog taking the kennel cough vaccine.

Him: [Laughter] Sorry about that. Faulty syringe. I’m afraid I’m going to have to stick you again.

I guess that’s what you’d call premature injection.