Drop It Like It’s Hot

After almost THREE years and 24 pounds of weight loss, I was able to buy a size smaller pair of jeans. TWENTY FOUR pounds to drop one jeans size. I’m thrilled to have dropped a size, but TWENTY FOUR pounds to get that done? In what world is that logical?

So… I dropped a size. I’m going to just be glad for that.


2 thoughts on “Drop It Like It’s Hot

  1. I find that I am (a) cheap and (b) in denial, so I wear the same jeans at 170# that fit me well at 160#… i just have a muffin top in them. 🙂 At 150 I buy new jeans that fit well. Ha! Maybe you’re the same? 🙂

    Those jeans look hot on you!

    • I’m all about comfort! So yeh…maybe I hung out in old jeans too long. Part of my Sunday night ritual while trying to figure out what to wear is to put on one pair of pants after another and then cry myself to sleep. 😀

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