In The Blink Of An Eye

Saturday I walked into my normal salon and I looked like this.



Forty five minutes later I walked out of the salon and I looked like this.


Not long afterwards I freaked the fuck out! What the hell was I thinking???? I don’t even recognize myself. I keep repeating, “You’ll get used to it. You’ll get used to it.”

I’m not the type to get freaked out by change. That is a part of life. But holy mackerel, this was an abrupt change. I’m not sure that I like it so straight.

This morning I used a round brush and then smoothed it out a little with the curling iron. I think I like it better.

Warning….no makeup!!


Sucky hair AND no makeup. Sorry ya’ll!

Tomorrow I’ll try it with big, soft curls in my hair instead of having my hair so straight and see if I like that any better. Right now I’m not even “meh” about it. I’m pretty “blech” about it.

My main consolation is that if I don’t get used to it and decide that I really don’t like it (as opposed to it just being a shock to my system), my hair grows so fast that it’ll be OK soon. One way or the other, I’ll be happy with my hair in about a week and a half.

No harm, no foul, right??


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