Don’t You Dare Say It

Daylight savings time has ended, yo! Prepare to hear me whine! Wine? No, whine. That’s right.

Before I begin my whine, let me preface this by saying it’s TOTALLY a first world problem, and I have no room for complaints of any kind. Yet, here I go:

DUDE, it’s nearly dark when I leave work! Here’s what my day today will consist of:

  • Leave work at 4:30.
  • Head upstairs (my husband works in the suite upstairs from me) and grab him so that we can head to our rental room.
  • (We have a room that we rent from a local thrift store where we sell our wares). I haven’t seen the room yet, so I need to scope it out, find out the dimensions, figure out how to organize the skid-loads of merchandise so that it can be as easily accessible as possible. I expect this will take a couple of hours….so…6:30.
  • Run to the grocery store. My cupboards are getting bare because I haven’t done any regular grocery shopping for a bit. I’m hoping I can get in and out of there in less than an hour, but we’re going to say it’ll be 7:30.
  • Head home and put groceries away, let the dog out, change clothes. That will probably take about 15 minutes. 7:45.
  • Monday is my normal run day. Guess what? It’s Monday. Guess how much light will be out at 7:45? NONE! My treadmill is broken so I can’t use it. Because of my whacky weekend schedule, I didn’t get a workout in at all (unless you count moving boxes around and unloading a trailer a workout). So I haven’t exercised since Thursday. My one absolute must for today is yoga. I normally workout for at least an hour before I do my yoga, but starting at 7:45, I can’t see that happening. My yoga sequence is about 20 minutes. So I can maybe eek out about 20 minutes of weight lifting since I’m not running outside in the dark. 8:25/8:30.
  • Dinner. A girl’s gotta eat! I either have to pick something up at the store or have a bowl of cereal. I didn’t get anything in the crockpot before work today. So dinner will be an issue but it’ll be fairly quick. I should be able to throw something together and eat within half hour. 9:00.
  • I’ll be ready to plop on the couch and watch some TV by then.

Did you notice that nowhere in that list of things to do does it even mention cleaning house, doing dishes, taking care of my yard, etc?? How do you fit it all into a day when you work full time. I’M AN EMPTY NESTER, YA’LL!!! I don’t even have to add the mom-taxi thing into the mix.

Whenever I have complained about the lack of time to do everything in a day that needs to be done, someone will inevitably say, “Just get up earlier and workout in the morning.” Pardon me, but just shut the fuck up on that!

Right now I get up between 6:15 and 6:30. I leave for work at 7:50. That is the amount of time that I need to shower, dress, get makeup on, dry my hair (oh good lord, drying my hair!), FIX my hair once it’s dry, make coffee, slurp down a bowl of cereal, and head out the door.

Watch out for the crazy lady in the corner!

Watch out for the crazy lady in the corner!

Because of my plantar fasciitis issue, before I run I do 20 minutes of yoga. When I get home from my run I do 20 minutes of yoga. So if I run for an 45 minutes to an hour, that means that I would have to get up at around 4:30. Well, I’ll tell you right now that won’t be happening, so don’t even say it!!

I’m a fairly laid back person. I don’t get worked up about much of anything. I’m very even keeled. But when it comes to trying to figure out how to get everything done after work that needs to be done, I will admit to getting a little uptight.

So…aside from getting up before any sane person should be up, how do you go about working full time, getting a good workout in, and keeping up with the house?

2 thoughts on “Don’t You Dare Say It

    • My husband loves those “storage wars” type shows. We just do thrift shop/flea market type stuff, only we buy new instead of buying storage units. Seconds. Overstock. Stuff like that. So most of it isn’t junk. But it’s a lot of work. As an example, my old treadmill broke, we got a brand new one for 150 bucks. He’s all about wheelin’ and dealin’! 😉

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