Blog Save The Brain

It is no secret that if my head weren’t screwed on tightly that I’d lose it. I’ve said that for years.

As an example (or three):

wpid-1413757439675.jpgWhen it became clear that my running shoes were getting worn and needed to be replaced I pulled out my pair of Brookes that were still fairly new when I switched from them to my Saucony. I thought, ‘Why on earth would I spend good money on another pair of Sauconys. I don’t remember the Brookes being all that bad.’ So I dug around in this here bliggity blog and did a search for running and started reading through the posts. As it turns out, after my first 10K (in which I wore my Brookes) I had horrible ankle pain for days after the race. I certainly don’t remember being in that much pain, but it was a year ago and my memory, being what it is, did not recall the events correctly. So I went ahead and spent the money on new Sauconys and I’ve been happily running in them for the past month.

Crisis averted.

For anyone who has hung out in this blog for any length of time, you know that I had a pelvic organ prolapse repair. It’s been four and a half years since my hysterectomy and almost three years since the bladder portion of that issue was resolved. Things have been going great, but they aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. The other day after my run I was having a pity party that “I went through all that pain and frustration for NOTHING! NOTHING is any better. It’s all just the same. I will never be normal again.” Wah, wah, wah. So I came here and began reading through my POP category. From beginning to end. And holy shit! Things are SO MUCH BETTER now than they were then! I’d forgotten exactly how bad they were, so the very minor issues that I have now have been seeming so major. It was a good reality check to be able to go back and look at the reality of what I had gone through compared to the cry-baby whining that I was doing the other day.

Reality check completed.

Then I was looking at my spreadsheet where I keep track of my vacation days so I could figure out how much time I might have to use around the Christmas holidays. Something seemed….off. So I went into my software at work and saw that there was 3.5 hours claimed that only said “taking care of family issues” and that’s it. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what family issue I’d have had to take care of in the late Spring. I knew it didn’t involve my brother’s hearing because I already had that noted on my spreadsheet. I looked through pictures on my phone from around that time to see if it would ring any bells. I looked through facebook and twitter posts to see if it triggered a memory. Nothing. Just blank, dead space in my head. So I came here and looked for something around the date in question. And there was my answer. The day after my “taking care of family issues” was a post that discussed my time off work. Bam!

Mystery solved.

While I may bore the hell out of anyone wanders through these parts, this place serves a purpose for me. It gives me points of reference when I feel as though I’ve lost my mind, for whatever reason that may be. I can come here and regain some perspective. It keeps me sane, and that’s worth something to me.

Thank the old blogs and the new.

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