After The Love Is Gone

I’ve spent the last couple of months wondering if an era is coming to an end. For years and years Mark and I have played volleyball together. With the exception of the few years I took off to fix my prolapse issues, we’ve been playing year round. Indoor. Outdoor. Tournaments. It’s what we do.

Since I was able to get back into playing a couple years ago I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time back on my women’s team, and on my co-ed night with Mark. Right up until this past session. Women’s has been awesome! We don’t win as much as we did back before I had to take a hiatus for my prolapse repairs, but we have a great time and it’s been fun to reconnect with this amazing group of women.

And then there’s the co-ed league. Mark is very competitive. We both are. As I get older, volleyball has been more about socialization than winning, though. Not for him. He MUST get that t-shirt at the end of each session. After the last session, one of the couples had to quit so we were on the hunt for a new guy and girl for our team. Well, we found them. The girl? Awesome. Love her. The guy? Oh my god!!! He’s a volleyball coach so he freaking knows everything. He’s arrogant. He’s pushy. He’s a royal pain in the ass. He has sucked the joy out of the sport for me. Every Wednesday I have to really psych myself up to even go to my game. I never thought I’d see the day when I would rather do just about anything than go play volleyball.

Last week, the wee-man couldn’t make it so we had a former team member sub for him. What a breath of fresh air!! We had a great time. We kicked some butt. I could have played for hours. Last night was our championship game and wee-man was back and it sucked. He’s an awesome player. Knows his stuff. But his personality sucks the life out of the team. We could not pull it together and ended up losing our championship game.

I can’t say I’m sad to see the season end and I’m seriously considering telling Mark to find another girl to play on our team so that I don’t have to. I’m not going to lay out an ultimatum “Me or him…choose” because that’s not fair. I can’t see continuing on with an extra curricular activity that is supposed to be fun, but no longer fits that bill. I don’t really know what I’m going to do. I’m just not feeling it. Blergh! I hate this.

I’m not sure what I’ll do. A lot of it’s going to depend on whether numb-nutz is planning on staying on the team. I realize that I sound like I don’t play well with others, or that I’m acting like a spoiled brat. Maybe that’s the case. Dealing with others’ bullshit just isn’t something I’m interested in doing when I’m not at work.


2 thoughts on “After The Love Is Gone

  1. Sounds like it probably isn’t just you if the rest of the team wasn’t feeling it for the win, yes? Can you all uninvite him for next season or is it the S.O. of the new girl? Sorry to hear that. I wouldn’t want to continue either. Gotta be fun.

    • Fortunately he’s not the SO of the girl we’ve got. I’m keeping my finger’s crossed that he moves on and it becomes a non-issue. It’s a great workout, but you’re right…it’s gotta be fun!

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