Conversations Around The Tube

This weekend my husband and I went our separate ways because we each had different activities. I did my race. He went to our place off the grid. Our group of friends was having a huge party, karaoke style. So he went there and I headed into the city.

As we were catching up I asked if our one friend had made her famous bug juice, and the following ensued:

Him: Oh, yeh. She made it and it went down really easy. I haven’t drank that much since that one Cinco de Mayo.

Me: Sounds painful.

Him: Nah. It was fine until about 5 Sunday morning and my stomach started turning. I had to make a dash up to the comfort station. Stomach broke loose and then I started puking.

Me: Not sure which end to put down first, eh?

Him: I just grabbed the garbage can and puked while I shit.

Me: And what did we learn from this?

Him: Always keep a trash can by the toilet. ::smirk::



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