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Hey, Didja Know?

This time of year in my part of the word when it starts getting cooler we have a migration. Of spiders. From the great outdoors into the warm indoors. And where do they hide? In piles of unfolded clothes.

Mark does the laundry in my house. He folds his clothes and puts mine into a laundry basket that sits next to my closet until I get around to it. I suppose I should get around to it on a more regular basis.

A couple of weeks ago I had a volleyball game and reached into my laundry basket to pull out a pair of shorts. I slipped them on, headed to volleyball, and never gave a second thought to anything. That is, until halfway through my first game. I suddenly had an itch on my hip. I scratched. Didn’t help. I spent the better part of the game scratching at my hip. About midway through the second game I put my finger inside my shorts to brush away what I thought was just an irritating crumb or something innocent like that. But, no. My finger rolled over was what was very easily recognized as a squishy bug.

My mind, of course, goes to “OMG, I have been bit by a brown recluse and my whole hip is going to rot off!!” Because of course it did! The brown recluse is very common in my part of the world.

When I got home from the game and stripped down, I could tell that something had clearly gnawed on my hind-quarters, but all I could really do about it was to wait and see what came of it. A couple of days later my ass was in pain. And not just my ass, but all the way across my back. You know that feeling when you have the flu and your skin is achy and tender to the touch. It was kind of like that. I felt like I was coming down with the flu, even though I knew I wasn’t.

Tuesday it will be three weeks since the incident and I’m 100% confident it wasn’t the dreaded brown recluse that got me because my skin never started rotting and falling off.. Most likely some garden variety house spider. My hind end is still a bit tender. The bites are right along the line where most of my jeans’ waist bands sit. So that’s comfortable. But it’s looking pretty good.

Can you count the number of individual bites? The spider REALLY wanted out of my drawers!



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