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Smoke And Mirrors

There have been a few things going on around my house.

  • We had a power surge of some sort and it blew up my DVR. All of our recorded shows just – POOF – gone. I know. I know. That’s the saddest story you’ve ever heard. All the season openers and new shows. Survivor. DWTS. Amazing Race. All the CBS comedy shows. Once Upon a Time. Gone. Now I have to go search online or on hulu to watch what was blown up. (first world problem) So Mark called Dish and they were going to send out a new receiver.
  • We went out to the gun range and had some target practice. My son-in-law (a Sargent in the Marine Corps) gave us pointers, safety instructions, critiques. We had a great time.
  • Last night was our normally scheduled volleyball game. 9pm. Who plays volleyball at 9pm?? I hate late games. The kids were over and we were playing Taboo and having a great time. Mark and I had to bust up the game so that we could get ready for our game.
  • Tornado warnings starting about 3pm. Went pretty much throughout the evening. All of our phones would randomlyΒ start blaring out warnings. Poor Jake paced the floor. We did our best to keep Michelle distracted. She’s my one child who gets freaked out by big storms. The rest of us want to sit on the front porch and watch it all unfold.

How on earth are all these random bullet points related, you ask? Well. When we finished our game of Taboo (I should interject that the boys beat the girls by ONE LOUSY POINT) Michelle gathered up her dog, her cat, and her husband and they headed home. They had come to my house where there is a basement. Mark and I got ready for volleyball. Mark handed our son-in-law the guns we’d used for target practice so that he could clean them while we were gone. He was happily sitting at the kitchen table playing with weapons when we left.

Mark and I were on our way to the game when we got a phone call saying that it had been cancelled due to the severe weather. We were supposed to meet a lady down at the walmart parking lot on our way because she had bought something from Mark off CL so we continued on to the store to get that taken care of. Then we headed home.

When we walked into the house Melissa goes, “Your satellite dish was delivered. It’s right there.” She points to the box sitting next to the piano and her and her husband BURST out laughing.

Turns out it wasn’t an ordinary UPS delivery. For one, it was really late in the evening. Apparently, all the drivers had to take shelter during the warnings, which meant they had to work late to get their trucks emptied. Melissa was sitting on the couch in front of the window (curtains open, living room light on, porch light off). Zack was sitting at the table cleaning guns. Suddenly there was a rapping on the window right behind Melissa’s head. She turns and barely can see the outline of a man, and the green and red LED lights from the tool they use for signatures. Melissa screamed. Zack, gun in hand, slaps the clip into the base of the gun as he’s coming off the chair and heading to the living room. The UPS driver whips his hands into the air and goes, “WHOA! UPS! DELIVERING A PACKAGE!” Zack couldn’t see the guy, only the LED lights. But the guy could CLEARLY see the big, tough Marine heading his way with a weapon in his hands. I’m fairly certain that the poor driver had to go home and change his drawers before finishing his route. Zack went back to cleaning the guns.

As they were telling us the story Zack says, “Smoke and mirrors. The clip was empty.” And then the Marine giggled.


16 thoughts on “Smoke And Mirrors”

  1. Those storms are hitting here as I type…I doubt we get as good a story out of them, though…
    I think something similar happened with my little brother – big scary cop meets handyman dude come to change the furnace filters… always call to wake the cop up before letting yourself in to the apartment!

  2. Hahaha! Love it.

    We lost our DVR stuff once. It was my one and only time I’ve said the F word to a customer service person.

  3. I would be SO irritated to lose everything on my DVR. It’s just such an inconvenience (wah, first world problem) and a waste of time trying to track down the shows again.

    Also, I’m giggling at your son in law and the poor UPS guy. That guy has a great story to tell his buddies now!

    1. My son is a pretty serious guy, so to hear him laugh and giggle over it was awesome. I’m sure his buddies will get a bang out of it when he gets back on base. πŸ™‚

      And yes….SUCH an inconvenience. I have to remember CHANNELS, for hell’s sake! I couldn’t tell you what channels all my shows are on because the DVR just remembers it. A travesty. LOL.

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