Blog Save The Brain

It is no secret that if my head weren't screwed on tightly that I'd lose it. I've said that for years. As an example (or three): When it became clear that my running shoes were getting worn and needed to be replaced I pulled out my pair of Brookes that were still fairly new when … Continue reading Blog Save The Brain

After The Love Is Gone

I've spent the last couple of months wondering if an era is coming to an end. For years and years Mark and I have played volleyball together. With the exception of the few years I took off to fix my prolapse issues, we've been playing year round. Indoor. Outdoor. Tournaments. It's what we do. Since … Continue reading After The Love Is Gone

National WHAT

Did you know there is a whole day dedicated just to chocolate? Personally, I thought that was every day, but whole day just for chocolate! National Chocolate Day And it's today. In honor of it I ate more than my usual amount of chocolate goodness. And then (thanks to my lovely daughter) I spent … Continue reading National WHAT