From the time I was a young girl, I knew that I wanted sons. I would be a great mom to sons. I was a tom-boy. I liked all things sports, outdoors, adventurous. Everything that the 60s and 70s told us were boy things. I could never imagine having daughters. The frills and ribbons and dolls and pink things didn’t fit in with my plan.

They say that when you make a plan, God laughs. Well, in my place, God must have thought he was pretty freaking hilarious! ALL GIRLS!! All very fabulous, non-frilly girls. I am very blessed with the daughters that I have. My yearning for a boy never took anything away from what I have with them.

Along came Matt. He was this boy with an infectious smile and ready with a hug. I suddenly had this son in my life. He filled this hole in my heart that I thought would forever be empty. Everything was complete. It was not always easy, but he was mine. The first time he called me “Mom” I melted completely. My son. I could not love him more if I’d had him myself.

Something magical happens as daughters grow up. They give you sons!!

When Melissa got married after only knowing her soon-to-be husband for a very short time, I was hugely concerned about whether she was making the right choice or not. Mark and I headed down to North Carolina to be there for her wedding and after the ceremony, I pointed to her new husband and said, “Look, I have a son.” My heart immediately swelled with love for this man that I had just barely met. It was just this instantaneous thing that I was not expecting. He became my son! He is this strong man. Calm in his demeanor. Fierce in his love for his country. Freaking adorable when he holds his daughter in his arms. I took my apron strings, and I tied him on as my son.

When Jackie brought home her “friend” (as she called him with a twinkle in her eye) I knew there was something special about him. I had never seen Jackie light up around anybody the way that she lit up around him. There was no shock at all when she called to tell me that they were going to be married. We got the family together and headed out for their wedding. I immediately saw how they were going to be perfect for each other. He is this compassionate man. Calm like my daughter. Honorable in his actions. Gentle with his children and wife. I took my apron strings, and I tied him on as my son.

When Michelle first brought home her beau I knew I was going to lose my baby. I could see the way she looked at him with such adoration and new that he would replace me in his life and I wanted him gone! 🙂 I didn’t really. She spent years getting to know him. Making certain that he was what she wanted. She was in no rush. He is this gentle giant. He is a teddy bear, soft and gentle with my daughter. He is funny and kind. Took my apron strings, and tied him on as my son.

With the very first email Ann sent me about this amazing man she had just met, I knew that he would be hers forever. From the first moment I met him I knew that I loved him and would one day call him my son. One week from today that will come to fruition. He is this good natured man. He is strong in his convictions. He is kind and gentle. He is funny and intelligent. I have called him my son for months, but next week I will take my apron strings, and tie him on as my son.

These are all amazing men. All with similar characteristics. All completely different from each other. All exactly what my daughters need in their lives. Where I started off with no sons, I now have five wonderful sons. And I love them all fiercely! They bring a light into my life that I’m very grateful for. My sons!

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