Conversations Around The Gymnasium

In my little town we have a fantastic Parks and Rec department. Lots of organized sports for people of all ages. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball. If you or your children want to participate in sporting events, chances are that in this town you will be able to find something that fits your age group and sports choice.

Another thing that my little town has is zero separation of church and state. A lot of the P&R indoor sports leagues use the gymnasiums in the local churches for their games. Last night’s game was no different.

My Tuesday night league is played in one of the local churches. It was pretty muggy outside and in the middle of the game these kids came walking in, obviously trying to get out of the humidity outside. It was pretty clear the kids weren’t there with their parents. Where the parents were is anyone’s guess, but that’s a completely different topic of conversation! After the ref had shoo’d them out a number of times, the young boys came back in yet again!

Ref: You can’t be in here.

Boy: I need to use the bathroom.

Ref: The bathrooms are out of order. See the sign?

Boy: The man upstairs told me to come down here to use the bathroom.

And….I couldn’t resist…

Me: The man upstairs, as in….GOD??

Laughter erupts!

Thank you, folks. I’ll be here all day. Don’t forget to tip your servers.

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