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All Over The Place

Remember when I told you that for the most part I love my RunKeeper app?

Yesterday’s run was one of those times when I didn’t. It kept telling me “Activity paused” over and over again. When I already have a complex of being the slowest runner on the face of the earth, the thought that I’m not moving fast enough for the GPS to even recognize progress only serves to confirm the picture I have in my head as I run.

Saturday I had a good run. This is what it looked like:


Nice, pretty route. RunKeeper worked like a charm. Just like it was supposed to.

Yesterday? I went the EXACT same route! Exact! I feel like I need to say that one more time just so we’re all clear. I ran the exact route on Saturday that I ran on Monday.

Here’s Monday’s route map:

monday's run

I promise I wasn’t drunk!


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