The Next Great Adventure

I kinda love my RunKeeper app. I say “kinda” because their are days when I want to kick its ass. Those would be the days where it keeps telling me “activity paused” when I’m clearly mid-stride and not even slightly paused. Other than that? Yup. I like it.

I’m kind of a reports freak and love looking at something that will show progress. RunKeeper helps me do this with my physical activity.

I discovered something new. I know it’s not new to the app, but it’s something I just realized that I could do. Set a goal. I mean…I know how to set goals, but didn’t realize that I could set fitness goals. RACE goals! So I set a new goal and do you know what happened?

A ticker appeared on my RunKeeper wall!!! I am stupidly excited about this. Every day when I log in I see the ticker telling me down to the second how much time is left before my race. I’m thinking this makes me a nerd.


Oh well. I don’t care. I have a ticker telling me when my next adventure will be. Now if the race website would just post the dad-gum course I could quit checking it every day!


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