Time Passages

As I was in the throes of raising children, I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to be a grandma. As my kids left home, none of them seemed to be in a rush to have kids any time soon and I was totally OK with that. All that changed with the birth of my grandson. And then a granddaughter. And now another granddaughter. I have to eat my words and tell you that being a grandma is the BEST thing in the world!!

One year ago today I got the call that my first granddaughter was to be born. A whole year ago! Not to be cliche or anything, but where does the time go.

I met Mara when she was ten days old. I loved her before she was even born. But from the moment I held her in my arms I knew that she had me. Hook, line, and sinker.


She was so tiny. I barely knew how to hold her. I was used to much larger babies. I spent ten days with her taking care of her and her mommy and it was fantastic!






Time passes so quickly.

Happy birthday, my little Mara!

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