Out With The Old

In with the…


Have you seen my fuzzy animals?

wpid-20140613_163908.jpg IMG_9977Do you know what a household of furry animals means? It means LOTS of hair. A lotta lotta lotta hair! Everywhere. Under the furniture. Behind the furniture. ON the furniture! Hair is a never ending battle at our house.

Our plan is to eventually switch over to all leather furniture. Something that can be maintained with a sweep of the swiffer.

We also have a 32 foot camper at our place off the grid that has a horribly uncomfortable futon/sofa in the “living room.” We’ve been looking for a dual recliner that will fit into a 70 inch slot.

A few weeks ago Mark called me and asked if I remembered what the space size was in the camper because he thought he had found the perfect dual recliner for it. I told him 70 inches. He groaned because the recliner he’d found was 74 inches. He said it was perfect for the camper. Dark chocolate leather. Cup holders. Recliner. Perfect. For the camper. So I went upstairs to look at it.

There is a thrift store right next to Mark’s work. The people who run it used to rent from us before we sold our building, so they know Mark very well and like to give him good deals because he sends a lot of business their direction.

I went up to look at it and told Mark that even if it didn’t fit in the camper, it would work well enough in our TV room until we were inclined to buy something new. So we bought it. SIXTY bucks!


That’s my man. The king of the wheel and deal. It’s not in perfect shape but for 60 bucks, I’m certainly not going to complain.

The thing I will complain about?

My living room currently looks like this:


They won’t fit through the kitchen door that goes out to the garage. We have to lug it out the front door, through the front yard and into the garage. We’ll steam clean it and put it up for sale.

Hey, guys! Have I got a deal for you!!

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