What’s For Dinner?

Tried something new. Saw it on Pinterest. I liked it. Mark just thought it was OK.

Grilled cheese with avocado and bacon. Four of my favorite things. Bread. Cheese. Bacon. Avocado.

Just a side note, and I’m sure you all know this, but I’m a slow learner and just figured it out. Easiest way to cut avocados. Cut it in half. Twist it to release the pit from one side. Hold the side with the pit still attached firmly in one hand. Take a butter knife (sharp knife if you’re coordinated) and whack it into the pit then give it a little twist. The pit comes right off. Then you can slice it while it’s in the skin and use a soup spoon to scoop it out.

wpid-20140822_182007.jpgOK…back to the task at hand.

Butter the outside of the bread like you would if you were making regular grill cheese. Then on the inside place a slice of cheese, then slices of avocado.


The top that with bacon.


Then another slice of cheese.


Then the top piece of bread, and put it in the … well, whatever you have.


I used my Foreman grill. You can use a panini press or a plain ol’ griddle.



3 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner?

  1. Honestly I’d never tried avocado until I moved to CO. Now everyone in my family is addicts (Stella & Harvey’s first foods, for goodness sakes) and that is how we open all avocados! Great trick to know. And yes, that sandwich sounds delicious. 🙂

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