Gimmick To Beat All Gimmicks

I know you’ve seen it all before. It’s been floating around the internet for the past couple of weeks. You’ve probably rolled your eyes at it. You’ve probably questioned the validity of it. And yet, here I am, doing it!


What’s “it?”

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

About 15 years ago (maybe more, I lose track of time) I got a call from my friend and former college room mate. Her sister had been struggling and had some bizarre health issues. She was finally diagnosed with ALS. As I’m sure you all know, it’s pretty much a death sentence. There is no cure. Two of my work friends have lost parents to ALS. This is about as directly as it has affected me. I’ve been blessed.

When I first saw my soon-to-be son in law post his video of the Ice Bucket Challenge my immediate thought was DON’T PICK ME! Followed quickly by, what a great gimmick to bring awareness. One of my daughters scoffed at the validity of the gimmick because, after all, they say to either do the ice bucket or donate. With all the ice bucket videos I’ve been seeing one could assume that everyone would rather douse themselves in ice water than donate to research that could benefit those who suffer (or have family or loved ones suffering) from ALS.

Not so!

From the time that the ice bucket “gimmick” began, donations to ALS research have increased by 400+ percent. $42 million dollars raised. Within the same time frame last year they raised $2 million dollars. If you ask me,  it’s been a successful gimmick. So I did my challenge and donated some money. It was fun. It was a great cause. And I feel awesome about it.

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