Proud Momma

It’s funny what time does to (for?) a person. I spent a lot of years at war with one of my daughters. She did her best to push my buttons. I did my best to not kill her during her teenage years. We were both GOOD at what we did! I was pretty certain that she would never grow up. And then she did.

I’m really not sure when it happened. I can look back and kind of remember seeing signs of it, but can’t pinpoint a time when I thought, “Wow, she’s all grown up.” I’m not saying she’s perfect. She’s not. Who of us are? Anyone? Anyone? Nah, I didn’t think so. But she has come leaps and bounds from where she was throughout high school and for the first few years after graduation.

During the past few years she has been living in Hawaii where her husband is stationed. I can pinpoint a significant amount of growth during this time. Being so far away from home, without any familial support has forced her to stand on her own two feet. And she’s managed that so well. And then there’s the baby! MY granddaughter! Melissa is such a cute little mother.

Being a stay at home mom, I think she’s maybe struggled to find her nitch outside of being “just a mom.” I completely get that! I remember those days of being a stay at home mom and how hard it was to not feel like I was one-dimensional. A mom. That’s it. Just a mom. I can’t tell you for certain that Melissa feels the same way. But I’m sure to an extent, the need to find a hobby outside of her daughter is very important to her.

She joined a roller derby team and was pretty excited about that, but then…along came the HORROR! She got the opportunity to design costumes for a local horror ball. It was pretty much all she talked about. The count down to the event. The designs she was creating. Then she found out that they wanted her to help with the makeup, too, and was over the moon. She loves that kind of thing.

The day arrived. All the folks getting ready for the fashion show, and Melissa got to be one of the models. My shy little girl. NOT! When the camera comes out, she lights up! She is a total ham for the cameras. I was stoked to see her pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 41 photo 211

She did a great job. She looks great. She LOVED her time working on the costumes and playing at the ball. As one of the other girls on the team said, Melissa has been “bit by the bug.” I can see her becoming involved with this organization for the next couple of years that she’s in Hawaii.

I’m so proud of her. She’s growing up so much!

2 thoughts on “Proud Momma

  1. HOLY SHIT. This is a woman that just had a baby?! She is one of the most gorgeous horror models ever.

    I agree with you, too. It’s important to have a hobby or a passion, children or not. It looks like she is having great fun!

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